Doctor Richard Reid Considers Sports as the Best Stress Reliever

Dr Richard Reid Sydney

Dr Richard Reid is a gynecologist who has served as a Registrar in Radiotherapy at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney for four years. This Edgecliff, NSW based medical specialist has been in the gynecologic field for many years, and is skilled in all aspects of colposcopy, vulvo-vaginal disease, laser medicine, and gynaecological surgery.

Doctor Richard Reid is enthusiastic about sports – skiing, rugby, and sailing. He regularly participates in these activities usually on weekends or in his free time. When asked about why he is so much passionate about sporting activities, he said, “Sports is my medicine that keeps me active, motivated, energized towards my work. It is not about the enjoyment that you get by playing sports with your friends or family members, but you can also maintain a healthy, fit body. Active body & mind, healthy heart, improved stamina, reduced stress levels, etc. are some of the major…

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