Poorvai Group

Poorvai Group

Poorvai Productions Pvt. Ltd.is the entertainment wing of the Poorvai Group, a diverse multifaceted enterprise. The company has ventured into film and television production and is looking forward to create a niche for itself in the world of entertainment. However, the group’s interests span across industries including construction, FMCG production and retailing.

Poorvai GroupPoorvai Group1Poorvai Group2Poorvai Group3ABOUT Poorvai Group (POORVAI PRODUCTIONS)

Poorvai Group, Headed by Mr. Manoj Kumar Arora, the group’ exclusivity lies in designing innovative green buildings and master plans. In fact, it is in the process of adding yet another feather in its cap in the form of wildlife resort.

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The group is in the process of creating India’s first International Wildlife Resort. Poorvai Wildlife Resort is all set to come into being in collaboration with Wildlife Reserves Management Agency.

Why Should you join Poorvai Group?

Mr Arora’s keen interests in art and cinema are…

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