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Successful Buxus by Rennie Bottali

Rennie Bottali suggests that professional potting soil will usually result in better growth because a sufficient amount of oxygen remains in the pot, which means the roots will not rot away. It is important to have good drainage at the bottom of the pot. Rennie Bottali said If you are not sure this is the case, you can always cut some more holes in the pot. When the plant is potted, you need to water it thoroughly.

Rennie BottaliRennie Bottali says there is no life without water. This is also true for your boxwood. The right amount of water depends on different elements, like the type of pot (clay or synthetic material), the type of potting soil, the weather condition etc. A plant in a clay pot will need more water because water evaporates through the sides.

Boxwood and other evergreen plants need to be watered…

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Entrepreneurs Rennie Bottali's long-running wrangles with housebuilder Bovis Homes over the luxury three-storey property have attracted almost 100,000 hits since they set up the site March.
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